Key Stage 3 - Years 7 to 9

Key Stage 3 - Creative Writing

2 days’ workshop at our KSG Learning Centre
Maximum of 5 students per class – 8 hours long

This course is offered on last weekend of every month

Sat 11am – 3pm
Sun 11am – 3pm

The aim of the workshop is to help those who are struggling and needing professional help in creative writing. Our top English academician and teachers who have had teaching experience at London Grammar schools and some of them are already teaching in Grammar schools.

KSG recommend this course to enhance writing skills in preparation for the 11+ and the challenging London independent school exams

We will write up a plan using benchmarks so that the children have a clear idea of expectations of how to write at the top level and boost confidence.

Children will also be given creative writing resources to take home, plus a suggested list of story ideas so that they can then continue to write at this level after the course.

Parents will receive assessments of the child’s writing after the course.

The course contents will entail the following but not limited to:

  • How to approach on the topic, structure and present the work
  • Creating mind-map or spider gram to help organise your creative writing task
  • Different characters, settings, theme, plot – explanation and approach
  • Using eye-catching openers to enhance our writing and delve the reader in our writing
  • Defining various literary techniques and terminologies used in the writing
  • Using conjunctions and adjectives to light up our sentences and make them more sophisticated
  • Using correct grammar, powerful vocabulary, idioms and/or phrasal verbs to impress examiner
  • Using figurative language and rhetorical techniques to bring our literary work to life including imagery, simile, metaphor, alliteration, hyperbole, onomatopoeia and personification
  • Using colourful language to make our descriptions more vivid
  • Using climax/tension to entertain the reader
  • Planning and organising writing


Star of the Month

ME Booster

It stands for Maths & English (ME) booster classes designed to help and bolster confidence for pupil who are struggling and working below the EXPECTED LEVEL at national curriculum. This is an excellent opportunity for those who needed the help most during school’s OFF-TERM.

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