Key Stage 2 - Years 3 to 6

Key Stage 2 - English & Maths

This is the most critical and fundamental stage of any pupil.

Most student struggle here in grammar, punctuation, comprehension, vocabulary, creating writing. At KSG, our experienced teachers not only help in the above but also gain confidence and work successfully towards UK national curriculum.

In Maths, most pupil struggle in fractions (which is the most critical mathematical foundation in anyone’s life), ratios, percentages, 2d/3d shapes, word problems, etc.

Some students are very shy who never dare to ask their teachers, thus left behind further in their academics. At KSG, we not only teach (so-called just delivering lessons) but we will not move our students to the next stage until they fully comprehend their unaccomplished tasks.

KSG has proudly helped numerous students in achieving the success and potential.

KSG Learning offers the following courses aimed at Key Stage 2 students:

  • Conventional KS2 English & Mathematics UK national curriculum lessons
  • SAT (Year 6) and Eleven Plus Tests for Grammar school admissions

Please choose the desired course for your children, if you need any help please do not hesitate to contact us.


Fees for the standard Year 3, 4, 5 & 6 course:
(Includes all learning material, textbook, KSG bag and many other.)

  • £92 per month for both English and Maths – 2 hours per lesson per week 
    (£47 is payable on registration and the balance £45 to be deducted through bank.)

Half-term courses (7 days course):

  • ‘ME Booster workshop’ extra help on English & Maths during half-term or summer holidays
  • £140 for 7 classes. 2 hours per class for both English & Maths (Includes all support & learning material)
    (£70 payable upon registration and the balance £70 is due on the 3rd day of the course.)
Existing KSG students receive a 10% discount.

Cancellations are subject to a charge of £30 per booking if this occurs within 7 days of the course starting. A £15 cancellation fee will be applied otherwise.

Star of the Month

ME Booster

It stands for Maths & English (ME) booster classes designed to help and bolster confidence for pupil who are struggling and working below the EXPECTED LEVEL at national curriculum. This is an excellent opportunity for those who needed the help most during school’s OFF-TERM.

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