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KSG Learning - Introduction

KSG Learning is proud to announce that we have renowned teachers who are teaching at some London Grammar schools who can help immensely in preparing students for secondary school exams, eleven plus exam for Grammar schools and GCSE exams. Similarly, keeping in the view to benefit the UK school children, KSG Learning stepped in to bridge the gap between those who have a potential in the academics and the top affluent pupils who have means to afford the elite academic status.

KSG Learning is a team of high quality and top academicians, writers, education counsellors who will help shape the UK students’ academic & professional lives.

The KSG has experience of tutoring students across the globe. While promoting the achievement of excellence, KSG also supports a dynamic, diverse and productive atmosphere of learning for student. Not only do we offer a broad selection of subjects, but also offer highly qualified and experienced British tutors.

The KSG provides both on campus and online facilities for students. The unique methodology of teaching in small groups brings the best learning outcome. The process of teaching and mentoring is so designed that optimum measurable performance is visible only in a few sessions of tutoring.

We do offer special courses according to the preference and needs of the students. For instance, if parents want us to teach their child more of English and few lessons of Maths, we can offer that as well. For this please contact or arrange a meeting with the team of our tutors.

Pod Technique?

Our teachers adopt the POD (Proof of Delivery) technique to ensure that the individual progress of each child is charted. It is result oriented delivery.

KSG learning provides the same quality of teaching & support that hitherto was available only at elite academic institutions. While our teachers adopt the POD (Proof of Delivery) technique it ensures that the parent can monitor the progress of their children.

The KSG also has developed the technique of e-learning by providing online lessons and 11-Plus Mock test system which is the great way of getting prepared for CEM (Durham) or GL Assessment based exam boards. if your child has a plan to attend other grammar schools which are not in the list for instance schools like Watford Grammar School, we suggest you choose both test (CEM & GL) because the practise always gives your child an edge on the big day

Choose Us to see a compelling change in your Children.

Our Mentor:

KSG Learning is an educational organisation established in the UK in 2019. It is under the same leadership of Khan Study Group that is the premier coaching of India. It is another success story of the Dr AR Khan as he is already managing and running already highly successful educational institutes in Delhi, Jaipur, Bhopal, Patna, Bengaluru, Indore and the list goes on.KSG Learning is managed and mentored by Dr AR Khan, who has been a great asset to the organisation and having experience of about 30 years in education. He was an Associate Professor at Delhi School of Economics. Dr Khan has enormous experience in teaching, mentoring and preparing students for competition exams and interviews.

Dr A.R. Khan is an accomplished educationist, academician, scholar, thinker and motivator. An avid reader and a prolific writer, Dr Khan has published scores of Articles and Research Papers in reputed National and International Journals. He has also authored several Books on varied topics which have earned wide recognition. His career as an educationist spans over three decades during which he has also taught in India’s premier Institutions such as the University of Delhi and Delhi School of Economics.

The insights that Dr Khan gained while writing his Doctoral Thesis in the field of Interdisciplinary Studies, he has now perfected as an art. The most explicit exposition of this art is reflected in the unprecedented success of the Khan Study Group (KSG), founded by him in 2008 of which he is also the Director. Dr Khan’s unique ability to simultaneously command multiple academic disciplines has been instrumental in imparting result-oriented teaching.

During his long career in teaching General Studies, Dr Khan has also attempted to train his basic philosophy of ‘transactional study’ to scores of other teachers who have now become integral part of KSG and serve as his torch bearers. More recently, Dr Khan has made effective use of technology to further expedite students’ learning process and take education globally. His ever-increasing followers on YouTube and Quora are testimonial to his untiring passion of making the teaching process more interactive. This also provides Dr Khan a sense of satisfaction of doing his bit to motivate and empower more people in the society by enabling them to dream big. Providing quality education to young children in the UK is the present forte.

It gives me immense pleasure to invite you to be a part of our success story in the UK. For more information on joining our institution from January 2020, kindly email:
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